Missions & Outreach

In the Great Commission, Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to go out into all nations to spread the gospel. Locally, we minister at the High Point jail, support the WS Rescue Mission, and minister in selected nursing homes. Globally, we support theologically sound   missionaries involved in church planting and the training of national church leaders through the TMAI network (www.tmai.org).  


Albinesi, Marco 
Aurora Mission | Sicily, Italy
Bixby, Matthew & Family 
TriCity Ministries | Monterey, Mexico
Mark & Family
ABWE | Asia
Brown, Robin & Family
Grace Ministries International (GMI) | South Africa 
Gibson, AJ & Family 
Reaching and Teaching | Oaxaca Mexico
Glass,  John & Family  
GMI | Geneva, Switzerland     
Gravino, Johnny & Family 
Italian Theological Academy (TMAI) | Sicily, Italy
Innerst, Russell & Family 
Global Outreach International | Peru, South America
Kittredge, Gary & Family
ABWE | Liberia, West Africa   
Kucko, Janet                    
Rafiki Foundation | Ghana, West Africa  
Montoya, Carlos & Family             
Exalting Christ Ministries International | Honduras
Moorhead, Jonathan              
GMI | Czech Republic   
Smith, Adam & Kimi                  
Bridges International | Austin, Texas
Snider, Paul & Family      
Heart Cry Missionary Society | Papua, New Guinea 
Wreesman, Steven & Family
ABWE | Togo, Africa
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Capitol Commission             
Raleigh, North Carolina
The Expositor's Seminary
Jupiter, Florida
The Master's College              
Sun Valley, California
The Master's Academy International       Sun Valley, California
Truth Broadcasting         
Salt Lake City, Utah
Winston-Salem Rescue Mission                  Winston-Salem, North Carolina