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The story of Twin City Bible Church is a story of consistency, perseverance, and faithfulness. And yet, the story is one of change and growth as the Lord takes this congregation deeper and deeper into the riches of biblical theology. The church began in the living room of Elmer and Loree Jarvis in 1955. Through the years the church has been committed to Bible teaching, biblical ministry, and missions. In the last few years, the Lord has taken the church into an even more passionate commitment to the biblical purposes of the church. We are a church known for affirming a high view of God, a high view of Scripture, a biblical view of man, a biblical view of the church, and a biblical view of church leadership. This growing passion for God’s word and what He says about ministry includes a fervent love for the historic doctrines of grace, a desire to see the one-anothers of Scripture lived out in the members of the flock, a commitment to applying our theology to every situation of life, and an energy and love for spreading the true gospel to all peoples of the world. In short: we love Christ and we love the Word.

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The Lord has graciously blessed our feeble attempts to serve Him, and new people hungry for biblical teaching and ministry are continually coming to be a part of this flock.  For this reason we are in the midst of an expansion project to provide more space to meet our ministry needs.  The church sits on 7.5 acres of land in the heart of Winston-Salem — it is our desire to see this land used to its maximum potential for the glory of God.

About Us

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-believing fellowship in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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1337 Ebert Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103