What does TES look like at Twin City Bible Church?

Our church is one of nine like-minded TES campus churches, all of which are linked together by video-conferencing technology to provide a real-time, fully interactive, seminary experience across all locations.  Classes are offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and are held on-site in a designated classroom at Twin City Bible Church.  A full-time course load is approximately a day and a half to two days a week.  The cost per credit hour is $200.  Men may also enroll part-time, in select classes, or as auditors.

What kind of course work and training can a student expect at TES?

TES focuses on training men with an emphasis on the biblical languages, a grammatical-historical approach to hermeneutics, an exegetically sound systematic theology, expository preaching, biblical counselling, and practical shepherding.  Students will be expected to handle the academic rigor of a Master's level education both in and out of the classroom.  All of these disciplines are learned through high-level classroom instruction (scholarship), intentional discipleship by campus pastors (mentorship), hands-on ministry in the local church (apprenticeship), and immersion into healthy church life (fellowship).

Why do we seek to train men like this at our church as a TES campus?
It is the Church's responsibility to "entrust these things to faithful men who will be able to teach others also" (2 Tim 2:2).  We believe that academic rigor alone cannot fulfill all of what is encompassed in this verse.  Training men for pastoral ministry is as much about shaping character and testing faithfulness as it is about passing on theological knowledge and measuring a man's ability to teach.  For this very reason, the unique model of TES is designed to put high-level theological education back into the context of the local church, where men are given a practical outlet for what they are learning.  We seek to train pastors in the church, for the church because our goal is to raise up churchmen who are not only skilled in handling the text of Scripture but who are also skilled in handling the flock of God.  Therefore, students are taught in a classroom located inside the local church by professors who are not only scholars in their field, but also full-time pastors.  In addition, every other week students of each campus are given an opportunity to "talk shop" with the pastors/professors of their local church campuses during a planned Campus Chapel time.  Furthermore, as students progress in their seminary education they are expected to enter into a ministry residency in their local church.